16 August 2017 Comments Off on Kettlebells-Exercise Equipment For Flexibility Training

Kettlebells-Exercise Equipment For Flexibility Training

When I was new to the gym, I mostly used dumbbells or barbells to train my arm muscles. Later that I knew a new exercise equipment called kettlebells.What is kettlebell? Kettlebell—or also called girya—is a weight, usually made using iron or steel, whose form resembles a small, iron ball but with a handle on its upper part. It is mostly used not only to train arm and hand strength but also to train flexibility of shoulder, back, and upper arm. It also helps to do endurance training for thighs and lower back,as well as facilitates you to increase the strength of your hand’s grip.Although by nature kettlebells work like dumbbells or barbells (because these are all exercise equipment made of weight), kettlebells are specifically designed for high-intensity training. Several exercises that are most facilitated by kettlebells include clean and jerk, swing, and snatch. For better results, kettlebells should be used through lots of repetitions. Some people even work their muscles using kettlebells for simultaneous repetitions and take a short break after.

One of the best exercise using kettlebells is called kettlebell row. This works best if you have two kettlebells, so you can work your both hands. First, you put your kettlebell in front of you, like several inches in front of your toes. Bend your knees while keeping your back straight, and hand over your arm to pull the kettlebell up, closer to your body. Don’t forget to keep your elbows close to your body while pulling the kettlebell. After pulling it until touching your stomach, lower the kettlebell (but not putting it back to the floor) and repeat. This exercise is good to train your back, arm, and shoulders.The kettlebell is also a good and affordable exercise equipment you can have at your home. The exercises involving kettlebells do not need large space, so they can be performed safely at home.